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Atima by Engelmoon
character development and practice. that was what I wanted to do with this picture.

changes this outfit of hers just a bit and came up with the idea that next to protective spells, Atima is trained in one particular fire-magic spell.

she combines flames around her fingers to be able to cut through almost anything, or around her whole fist to give her a power boost in power when fighting.

it's just an idea so far but I think i'm gonna go with it ^^

art and Atima (c) me
I'm pretty quiet at the moment but still alive :D every now and than you will get picture/writting updates from me ^w^
- This takes place after Jakes attack on the city. –
You walked down the hallway of the hospital, scanning each of the nametags on the doors. Finally you found the name you were looking for: Ivan Karelin
Shifting the flowers a bit in your arms, you knock on the door. Only a few seconds later you hear the familiar voice of your best friend from inside.
“Come in.” You open the door and smile at your friend.
“Hey Ivan, how have you been doing?” Pulling a chair next to Ivan’s bed you sat down next to him.
“Hi, (y/N). Well, I have been better as you can see, but it’s not too bad here in the hospital.”

Ivan gave you a shy smile and fidgeted with a bandage that was around his left arm. He was looking much better than you thought. You could hardly see any bruising on his face or arms. But then again, he did still have some bandages on placed he had got injured.
A few days ago you found out Ivan was hospitalized. He had called you from his room just to say hi, since he had not been able to contact anyone for a while, but it ended in a huge discussion. On the telephone he had told you the reason of his injuries was, because at the time Oroburos attacked Sternbild, he had an accident while protecting a child.

“That’s good to hear. “You smiled back and then showed the flowers you brought. “Do you have a vase for these?” He gazed upon the bouquet and shook his head.
“No, not at the moment, but I’ll ask a nurse later on. You can put them on the nightstand for now.”
You did as he said and quickly sat down next to him again.
“It’s good to see you (y/N). I haven’t really have had any recent visitors and well… it does get kind of lonely here.”
”I believe that.” You chuckled.

Ivan didn’t have many friends as far as you knew. He had always been a shy guy and sometimes hard to deal with because of that, but you had always stayed his friend, even after leaving school.

“Oh that reminds me, I’ve got something else for you.” You open your bag and search for what you were looking for. Ivan’s eyes widen in astonishment as you pull out a small chain of origami cranes attached to string.
“I know that the rooms in hospitals can be pretty boring, so I thought you would like it.” You handed the chain to him. “The origamis aren’t as good as the ones you can make, but I did my best.”
Ivan smiled while looking at the folded crafts. Since you were his best friend you knew how much he loved any Japanese related stuff.
“They are absolutely wonderful (y/N). Thank you very much!” carefully he placed them on the table next to him and you two started to talk about life and everything that popped into your heads.

Hours later, a nurse knocked on the door and told you two that visiting hours were almost over.
You got up after she left and searched everything that you needed to take home. After throwing your bag over your shoulders you looked at Ivan again.
“Well, I’ll be going than. I hope you can leave the hospital soon.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Oh, and Ivan? I know you always wanted to be a hero, but next time be more careful okay?”
Ivan lowered his gaze, his bangs now covering his eyes from your sight.
“Sure… Sorry that I worried you…” You smiled back at him and with a last ‘Bye’ you left the room.

As soon as Ivan couldn’t hear your steps anymore he pulled his knees up to his face. He let out a deep sigh and stared blankly at the wall in front of him. Yet again he had lied to you, and was not happy about it.

You had no idea he was actually on of the hero’s.
You had no idea it was him that went by the name Origami Cyclone.
You had no idea he had faced Jack on his self and got beaten up and that was the actual reason why he was in the hospital.

There were a lot of things you didn’t know about your best friend.

He did want to change that fact, he just didn’t know how. How would you react if you found out, he was a hero? Would you laugh at him or would you accept it? Would you gasp for air, recalling what he has done to save people or tell him he is terrible at his job?
These were the thoughts Ivan had each time he thought about telling you the truth.
But he knew one thing for sure:

He wanted to be a better hero. For the city and for you.
Ivan x reader
Tiger and Bunny reader insert; Origami cyclone/Ivan

I tried to keep this reader insert a bit neurtaly. so here you are Ivans best friend ^^

hope you like it :D

Preview picture found on google


*~Kore wa Zombie Desu ka~*
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I'm a 19 year old girl who grew up in canada and now i live in Switzerland with my family.
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sooo I havent been online much lately.... and have only been drawing traditional at the moment cause I feel like it's the only thing I can manage in the moment .__.

but hey my Matryoshka cosplay is finished :heart:

Matryoshka cosplay August 2014 by Engelmoon

*walkes back out again*
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