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Baal and Reha by Engelmoon
Baal and Reha
some backstory for Reha ^__^ quite at the beginning when she met Sinbad.


Sinbad and Drakon were tired as they entered the core of the Dongeon with Reha. Together they searched and found after a short time they found the metal object that contained the Djin. A huge figure emerged in front of their eyes and began to speak.

„I am Baal, the Djin of wrath and heroes. Who will become king?“

„ME!“ Drakon and Sinbad answered at the same time and Baal stared them down while they started to argue. He then noticed Reha, who standing quietly next to the boys.

„What is with you young lady? You could also weld the power“ Reha looked up to Baal and shook her head.

„I don’t want any such power. I just got here by accident, so I won’t fight over it.“

Baal eyed her for a few more seconds before he nodded and accepted her decision.

Reha than sat down, just before the boys were going to duel each other for Baals power.


I love how it turned out. 
Baal and those stupid stairs took me forever x'D

14 deviations
waking up in the dongeon by Engelmoon
waking up in the dongeon
story behind this picture:

Reha woke up lying on the cold rock floor. She sat up and looked around. She was really in the dongeon that Sinbad had entered just a while ago! A large shadow was cast upon Reha while she was observing her sourroundings. Quickley she turned around and came face to face with a winged creature. Scared she gazed upon the beast without moving.

The creature stood up on its back legs and let out a loud roar. In her panic, Reha started to scream herself and closed her eyes.

Seconds later the roar suddenly was cut off and Reha heard how something big fell tot he ground.

„Reha!“ the familiar voice calling her name made her open her eyes. With big steps she saw Sinbad running towards her, followed by that soldier, she had seen a few days ago in her hometown.

„Reha, why are you here?“ Sinbad held out his hand to help her up from the ground and she greatefully took it. After getting up she glared at Sinbad and started shouting.

„That idiot Yunan pushed me into the gate!“

something small I did a few weeks ago ^^ a little more background story for Reha :heart:

It was that time of the year again! The anual anime convention was about to start.

You had already passed security and were now waiting for your best fried Ivan to arrive. Since you both lived in opposite parts of Sternbild you both decided to meet each other at the festival instead of somewhere on the way. You were wearing a lovely kimono since you and Ivan had agreed both to wear one instead of a cosplay. While waiting for your friend you started to get nervous since a lot of guys had started to stare at you. A sudden tap on your shoulder made you turn around. You smiled as you looked into Ivans face, him giving you a shy smile.

"Ivan, you're finaly here!"

"Yes. Sorry I didn't show up earlier. As you can see, a lot of people are trying to get in."

Turning your head to the security you understood why. Even if the gate opening had started over an hour ago, a lot of people werd still trying to get in.

"Well I'm glad you made it in as fast as you could." You gave your friend a smile and than grabbed his hand. "come on! I want to go to the sellers hall first!"
"But we still have the whole weekend to go shopping (y/N). Shouldn't we first go see what kind of workshops they are planning to hold today." By now you were dragging your friend down the hallway.
"But the best stuff will be gone fast! And I habe some ideas what I REALLY want to buy this year." Ivan gave up and chuckled before quietly following you through the many tables that were filled with merchandise.

Some time later you stopped before a table that had cought your attention some time ago. The merchant here had brought masks, action figures and other stuff that were produced by HeroTV. You both took your time while checking out everything and one piece in particular cought your eyes. Quickley you pulled out your purse and paid tor the item.
"Wait, (y/N) you bought something?"
"Yes, look!" You held up your buy to show it to him.
It was a figurine of the Hero named Origamo Cyclone.
"You really wanted to buy that?" Ivan was surprised.
"Sure why not?" You started to walk again and Ivan had to speed up a bit to keep up with you. "I like this Hero and his costume so I bought it. And I got it on my own wish, not because of you." You ganve him a big smile. Since Origami Cyclone had first appeared on HeroTV you had been a fan of him. Most of all because you acctually knew it was Ivan behind the colorfull Hero costume.
Ivan just looked at you silently while the two of you keept on walking.

After a while, you pointed out the next thing you wanted to do.
"Ivan look, let's go take a photo together!" You pulled your friend to the place you mentioned to get your photo taken.
It rook a while until it was your turn, but untill than you had straitend your kimono a bit and made sure your hair was looking good.
Soon it was your turn. The two of you stood next to eachother infront of the blue background. The photographer gave both of you a small smile.
"I hope the two of you are ready for the picture. I'll shoot on the count of three. One..." just as the man started counting Ivan got an idea.
"Two" You did't notice that Ivan had turned to you.
"Three" On the last count and shortly before the photo was taken, Ivan had kissed you on your Cheek.
"IVAN!" You shouted out of surprise and jumped a few feet away from him. Holding your cheek he had just touched with his lips, your face was in a bright red. Ivan only gave you a shy smile and also was blushing. You could hear some chuckles from the other people waiting. Your attention was broght back by the man who took your Photo.
"Now THAT is a cute picture. You two make a cute couple." He showed you the picture he had taken, right at the moment where Ivan had kissed you.
You tried to thank the man, bit werd unable tosay anything out of embarassment. Luckily, Ivan stepped in. He took your hand and held it tight while talking.
"Thank you. Are we able to get a printout of this?"
The man pointed out the way. While still holding hands you headed over to the place.
"Thank you Ivan..." You mumbled, still red. He gave you another smile.
"Anything for you."
Ivan x reader
another Tiger and Bunny Reader insert. Again with Ivan :heart:

this was a request on Wattpad, keyword: anime convention

hope you like it. I'm quite happy with it :iconloveloveplz:
how bout a kiss by Engelmoon
how bout a kiss
Sinbad is trying to give Reha a kiss :iconloveloveplz:

I actually took another picture as a pose reference here :) but I love how it came out :heart:


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Hey guys ^^

just wanted to let you know that I am still here :)

currently I am just more active over on Facebook (if anyone wants a link to my FB page i might give you it. the only problem is that I write everything over there in german since most of my viewers are from Switzerland xD )

My inbox is exploding with your art! I really need to see that I get some time (and motivation) to go through the stuff xD so don't worry if I haven't commented on anything... I'm just plain lazy at the monent owo

Anyway I'm gonna quickley spam you all with some art from myself *laughs*
mostly traditional art since it's too dam hot here where I live and even touching my tablet is a pain x'D
(also because I have a new and bigger tablet and haven't quite figured out how to perfectly install everything... everything I have been trying so far has lookes so shitty ewe

hope you like the stuff I'm gonna upload 

anyway, wish you all a wonderfull day/morning/evening/weekend~
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