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Punk Girl by Engelmoon
Punk Girl
on behalf of :iconm3004: I give you:


in somewhat a Punk Rock style x'D she sujested it since I asked for inspirations on facebook :)

hope you like it :heart:
You woke up from the noise of someone talking. Sitting up and rubbed your tired eyes. Master Splinter amd Leonardo were talking together, whispering so neither you or the other brothers would wake up.
"Leo?" You called out for the blue masked turtle while taking out your phone to check the time. It was late in the afternoon. Looks like you all got a few hours of good and needed sleep.
"Shhh, be quiet (y/N). I don't want the others to wake up." Leo shushed you and came closer. "I'm just gonna go to get a few supplies, you know, food and stuff. I'll be back soon." Master Splinter also approched you.
"You should go back to sleep for a little while (y/N). I believe you need it more than you think." He gave Leonardo a small  glance from the side and you knew something wasn't quite right with this whole situation. You looked at Leo and in your head it went 'click'.
"No." You stated, a bit louder than you acctually wanted. A few feet away Mikey jolted up from his sleep.
"PIZZA!" he shouted and brutaly woke up his other two sleeping brothrs.
"Mikey, what the shell?" Raph grunted and punched Mikey.
Donnie sat up and yawned.
"Is it really time to get up?" He saw you and smiled. "Morning (y/N). So what's going on?" Quickly you got up and brushed some dust off your clothes.
"Leo and I were just on our way out to get some food and other stuff." You tried to comb your hair without any real sucsess but it would be okay. Smiling you turned to the turtles. "Any requests?"
"Bring some sodas!" Raph spoke up first, shortly followed by Mikey.
"Some Pizza for me! And something for Clunk. You know what he likes." He picked up the cat that was meowing around his legs.
"Okay, will do. We'll be back soon." You grabbed Leos arm before he or Master Splinter could say anything, and left the room.
Leo asked what exactly was going on, but you didn't stop in tracks untill you were far enough away from the others and turned around to him, before you spoke up.
"Don't lie to me Leo. You didn't just wat to get supplies. You want to go after Karai, that's why wou were talking to Master Splinter right?" Leo huffed, bit he gave you a surprised and impressed look.
"How did you find that out?"
You placed your hands on your hips.
"Leonardo, you are my best friend. I think I should know you."
"Well, will you stop me?"
"No." You shook your head and started to walk again. "You have the right to want... revenge. But please don't make a mistake. We just got you back and I think Master Splinter would be disapointed if would do something stupid again. I'll go and buy everything you guys need." You had reached the exit by now. "Go and pay Karai a nice visit and give her my greatings as well. I'll wait here for you when I'm done." Leo gave you a small smile and you two parted your ways.
-about 2 hours later-
You were waiting for Leo for already about 30 minutes and it was getting cold, so you got up and started to walk around. A few minutes later you hear someone approach your current location. From the shadows you saw Leo, and as you saw him smile you smiled back.
"I suppose everything went well?" You asked him. He nodded back.
"Yes, I told Karai to stay away from my friends and family. And gave her your greetings."
"Good. Now help me with these bags. I had a hell of a time getting them here alone!" You pointed at a pile of bags, each one of them filled to the top.
"Okay, okay, I'll help." Leo grabbed most of the bags and left you two of them to carry.
Minutes later you arrived back in the reservoir. The brothers and Master Splinter greated you both happily and you started to unpack the bags, handing out the food to the brothers. Thank goodness the pizzas you bought were still warm and you all started to eat together.
"Thank you very much for your help (y/N)." Master Splinter spoke up after a while of eating in silence. "You helped us find together again and brought us these supplies. I am very thankfull for this." You blushed a bit.
"I didn't do that much." You mumbled a bit embaressed.
"Well even if it was 'not much' I'm glad you did help." Donnie said, making you feel better. Mikey, Leo and Raph also thanked you. Mikey was especialy happy since he finally had food in his body again.
"Yeah, I think from today on you can count yourself as our sister!" He hugged you tightly and you tensed up.
"Mikey let go!" You tried to free yourself put of his grip. "You're crushing me AND getting pizza all over my clothes!" Playfully Mikey squezed you once more before letting go of you and joining into the laughter of his brothers. You glated at him before joining in the laughter as well.
Master Splinter smiled as he watched the five of you fool around while you were eating.
After you finished up there was only one more thing you wanted to do before you went home yoursel; It was getring late again and you really needed a nice and warm shower.
"Guys, Guys!" The turtles turned to you as you called out to them, while you took out your phone. "Let's take a photo before I leave." The boys agreed and grouped around you, while you held out the device to tale a selfie with the turtles.
"Now smile~" All five of you grinned into the camera and you took the shot.
For you this photo stated a new beginning for you and your friends.
-le fin-
TMNT x reader 9/9
"It comes to an End"

end of this project I did ^^ hope you all liked it :D I really had fun with this project-

part 1:…
Raphael, Leonardo and you had gotten back to the reservoir before the sun had fully risen and the town started to wake up. After arriving back to the other Leo let you off his back. You were thankfull that Leo had carried you back, since you were dead tired now. You yawned an sat down on the floor next to one of the turtles. At this time you could barely keep your eyes open, but since you heard that Master Splinter wanted to descuss the whole situation with everyone, you had decided to at least try  to stay awake as long as possible. Sadly the cola and energy drink you had taken for the extra cofeine wasn't working.
"Woah, (y/N)." You oppened your eyes as you heard your name and looked at the Turle next to you. Donnatello gave you a worried look. He was holding you up since it seemed like you had drifted into a slight slumber and had fallen against him.
"You okay (y/N) ? You look pretty tired."
"N-no I'm okay. I can stay up a bit longer." Even if you tried your best, you let out another big yawn.
"That's enough for now I suppose." Master Splinter looked at you. "I believe we are all tired after the past few days. Before we continue with this conversation, we should all get some rest. Leonardo, would you take (y/N) back to her appartment." Master Splinter ended any upcomming conversations and Leo nodded in agreement after his Sensei asked him to take you back home.
"No!" You let out a rather loud shout. Everyone looked at you.
"Let me stay here tonight with you guys. Please Master Splinter!" You looked at the brothers Master, hoping he would accept your request. Master Splinter just let out a sigh.
"But will you be okay (y/N)? It' s rather cold down here. I'm sure you would be able to sleep better in your own house."
"I'll be okay. I swere!"
"Very well, you can stay." With that the conversation was over and all of you made yourself as confortable as possible before all of you drifted off into a deep slumber.
You and Leo had found your way to the old warehouse the turtles used to hide the battle shell. Leading away from the site, you two found some tire tracks, most likely from Raphs driving skills. You knew Raph was excellent when it came to driving his motorcycle, he had once taken you for a ride just to show off a bit, but you werent so sure about his skills with cars or other four weeled vehicles. Donnie or Leonardo had always been the driver when you tagged along with the brothers.
Swiftly, the two of you followed the tracks. It wasn't that hard to find out where Raph had fleed to, since on each turn he had taken, he had left black marks on the street to guide you.
"Raph wasn't paying that much attention to his driving, huh..?" Heavely breathing you went from full running to a slight walking while Leo was still speeding off in front of you. He was just about to take another turn when he stopped and gazed uppon something you weren't able to see.
Quickley you jogged over to Leo.
"He really wasn't that carefull." Leonardo turned around and strted to search the area, while you looked at what was lying in the middle of the road.
Just like the vehicle Miked had taken, the battle shell was in a terrible state. Pieces were lying around the large truck and you wondered why no one had cleaned this mess up yet. It had been 3 days since the turtles had been attacked.
"Hey (y/N), come here." You turned around and approched Leo. In his hands he held a red helmet.
"Isn't that Raphs helmet?" Leo nodded in respond after you question.
"Yep. Look over there." He pointed to a spot about 10 meters from where you were standing. In the shadows from the train bridge you saw Raphs Motorcycle.
"So he also got out in time." You were releaved to know the last one of the brothers should also be safe.
"I do think so. Hey (y/N), do you know where this train line leads?" He pointed up to the bridge ubove the both of you. You frowned while recalling what line ran by these tracks.
"I belive they lead to Conny Island." You pointed out to the river, in the distance you could see the darkend amusement park.
"Than that's where we are going next." You nodded when Leo said that. The turtle turned his head to you.
"I hope I don't affend you with this (y/N), but the sun will soon come up and we need to find Raph as soon as possible. You're not as fast as I am so... I'll carry you to the amusement park." surprised you looked at him. It wasn't like him to propose something like that.
"What makes you want to do that?" In the meantime he had removed his Katanas from his back and handed them to you.
"Because if I have learnt anything tonight you don't give up that easely. It's probably the best if you hold on to my weapons while I'm running. Now, get on my back and hold on to my shell." He turned his back towards you and kneeled down so that you could climb on to him. You held on to the edge of his shell while he had a tight grip on your legs. When he kew you were ready, he speeded off in direction of Conny Island.
As you reached the beach on the island you could already notice the sun rising. A small layer of light blue was able to be seen over the horizon, signing the arrival of the sun with the new day.
Leo let you jump of his back. Landing in the sand with your feet after such a long time on Leos back, made you feel unstable and you could feel how your blood was once again flowing fully theough your legs. "Dammit.." You rubbed your legs, hoping to overcome the feeling of your half numb legs. After that you looked up, to ask Leo where you should start looking for Raph, but he was no where near you. Confused you binked and looked around, seeing the male approaching the pier that lead off the island into the river.
"Leo!?" You let out a shout as you ran up to him. Before you reached him you noticed something moving in the shadows under the pier. Getting closer, you could finally see who it was.
"Raphael!" Happy you went up to the red masked turtle and gave him a big hug.
"Woah, (y/N). Who the shell said you could hug me?"
"You big dummy. I was worried about you! Of corse I'm giving you a hug now." His protest just made you hug him even more.
"Okay okay, enough now (y/N)." Raph chuckled. It had become a habbit between you two a long time ago to annoy each other. Leo interrupted you two by putting his hand on Raphs shoulder.
"Come on you two. We should get back to the others. The sun is comming up."
"You mean Master Splinter and the others are okay?" Raph never seemed liked he cared but when it was about his family you knew how concerned he could get.
"Yes, Raph but I'll tell you everything once we are safe. (y/N), I'm gonna carry you again, so hop on." Without any protest you climed onto his back once again.
After bringing Mikey and Clunk back to Master Splinter and Donnatello in the reservoir, you and Leo quickley left again to go and find Raph. But you did insisted
on stopping by the 24 hour store to get something to drink for yourself, and some food for later on. Leonardo waited paitiently on the rooftop across of the store, keeping an eye on you, while you were shopping. Once done, you left and quickley climbed up a fire ladder, to meet  Leo. He had made his way over to the roof in the time you needed to get up the 4 stories of the house.
"Damit Leo, how the hell are you that fast." Out of breath you sat down and inhaled the cool air. Leo joined you and grinned.
"(y/N) I'm a Ninja. I'm used to this kind of stuff. YOU on the other hand need some exercise."
"Oh shut up!" Playfully you boxed his arm while smiling. Then you pulled out a bottle of water and a sandwich out of the bag with the goids you just had bought. You placed the bottle on the ground while you held the sandwich to Leo. Under his blue mask you saw him raise his eyebrow  (or whatever you would call it with the turtles xD ).
"What's this for?"
"For you. To eat." You shoved the sandwich into his hands and opened the bottle to drink. Leonardo looked at the food in his hand,than wanted to hand it back to you.
"You should give this to one of my brothers."
"Oh no. You eat it. Now. You need some energy. You just got home from Japan." Putting down the bottle you looked at him.
"Also if we run into trouble I need you to have the strengh to protect me." You winked playfully at Leo and he just had to chuckle.
"Okay, I get your point." he started to unrap the sandwich and took a bite of it.
You let Leo eat in quiet and watched cars pass by on the street below the two of you.
He finished up quickley, most likely because he wanted to find Raphael before the sun would rise.
"Where's the bottle of water you just had (y/N)?" Leo had gotten up and was searching for the water you had bought.
"Here Leo." You handed him the bottle. There was still pretty much in it since you only took a few smaller sips of it yourself, but Leo emptyed it in the blink of an eye.
"No offense, (y/N), but next time take a different sandwich if you're buying me one. That was pretty dry."
"oh really? Sorry...I didn't know that. It looked perfectly fine to me." You stood up and streched your arms while letting out a small yawn. It was almost 3 in the morning and you hadn't sleept in over almost 20 hours.
"You can go home to get some sleep if you want (y/N)." Leonardo had noticed your yawn and started to get worried about your health.
"I think I can find Raph on my own."
"No way. I'm not gonna rest untill we find Raph! He is your brother but also one of my best friends. Anyway I bought a cola if I really need an energy shot." Leo sighned.
"Okay, but tell me if you need to get some sleep. I'll get you home than."
"Sure! now let's go find Raph!"


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